Long, healthy, strong and dense… These are the adjectives that should be used for describing each women’s eyelashes. However, is it possible to obtain such a look without a volume boosting mascara, attaching false eyelashes, taking diet supplements and undergoing expensive beautifying treatments? Actually, it is possible! Learn the newest methods of eyelash care.

Eyelash – What is it?

eyelashTo make eyelashes care easier, it is crucial to learn their structure, functions and properties. Let us start from the basics. Eyelashes grow from upper eyelids (more or less 200 of them) and from lower eyelids (around 75 single eyelashes). Length of upper eyelashes has from 8 to 12 millimeters and of lower eyelashes’ from 6 to 8 millimeters. The truth is, Mother Nature gives a special mission to eyelashes – to protect eyes from small insects and contaminants getting inside. Is there anything more that should be known about eyelashes? Yes, it is. For example, the fact that an eyelash’s life circle is composed of three stages: anagen, catagen, telogen. During the first phase, anagen, eyelashes grow intensively. It lasts up to three weeks. Catagen is a period of focilles shrinking. In telogen eyelashes die and fall out. If you want your eyelashes being longer, healthier, and stronger you have to prolong the first stage called anagen. How to do it?

Firstly, prevent. Remember to do not let eyelashes get damaged or fall out too excessively. It is way easier to take care of eyelashes, than worrying about not having them or undergoing medical treatments focusing on restoring the old look. For that reason, use colour cosmetics and caring products that are designed for your skin type only. While removing make-up, try to do it as delicately as it is possible. What is more, resign from using an eyelash curler because this accessory can damage eyelash condition quite considerably. It may also happen that we will pull out eyelashes by accident (while using the eyelash curler). When you are an allergic sufferer, avoid attaching false eyelashes and having other similar cosmetic treatments done. Never do trim eyelashes. Do not sleep wearing make-up. Try to use one mascara no longer than for three months. Although these are just some of the general rules that can help you with taking care of your eyelashes, they should be considered as the most crucial ones.

Woman eyesSecondly, eyelash serums. These are very popular cosmetics used for eyelash care. Their prime task is to stimulate growth of baby eyelashes. What is more, follicles and eyelash roots are stimulated to more efficient work. Furthermore, eyelash serum influences length, thickness and volume of eyelashes. It also positively affects strengthening, regeneration and rebuilding processes of damaged eyelashes making them moisturized, shiny and curled. Another advantage of such products is the fact that they takes care also of eyelids. Eyelash serum treatment lasts approximately six months. The first results are noticeable after 14 days. The ultimate outcomes are achieved after two months. Application is conducted due to a thin brush which delivers all the nourishing substances straight to eyelash roots. Thanks to eyelash serum, your eyelashes seem to be bigger and the look prettier.

eyesThirdly, natural cosmetics and other preparations. It is generally believed that natural cosmetics are the best for a human organism. This can be true. But are they equally effective? Certainly, substances that derive from natural environment can take care and nourish not only face skin but also eyelashes and hair. They have, for instance, moisturizing and regenerating features. However, natural substances work slower in comparison to the ones included into, for example, an eyelash serum. What is more, various cosmetic oils and Vaseline are also recommended for eyelash care. These substances have similar properties to the ones held by natural cosmetics. Nevertheless, you should not be surprised when Vaseline clumps your eyelashes and impedes application of a mascara. Having all these in mind, which method of eyelash care do you prefer to apply?