How to take care of hair? Universal rules worth following

It’s frequently said that taking care of hair is time-consuming and simply doesn’t pay off. Nothing could be more wrong. It’s way better to go for nature rather than trying to improve hair look with fancy and costly treatments. Here are a few basic rules concerning hair care that everyone should be aware of.

1. STOP to a blow dryer! High temperature fosters water loss from hair, therefore, frequent hair blow-drying can cause split ends, dehydration, brittleness, etc. If you don’t have time to let the hair be air-dried, go for a blow dryer but use the cool air stream. Naturally, this procedure occupies more time but it’s much safer for the hair.

2. Alternate use of hair conditioners. First emollient conditioners, then protein conditioners, by turns. Hair requires diversified care to look beautiful. Good health of strands depends on two substances: rebuilding proteins and protection-delivering emollients. If the hair is rough, stiff and dry, it needs an emollient conditioner. On the other hand, if it is flat and overburdened, it’s worth going for protein conditioners containing keratin, elasticin and milk proteins.

3. First and foremost: delicacy. Our hair is extremely prone to deformations, damages and breaking. The way we treat our hair is very important. Do not jerk hair, do not comb vigorously, do not wear tight ties. Surely, the strands will say ‘thank you’ by becoming smoother, more elastic, softer as they will stop falling out.

4. HAIR OILING is the most important aspect of everyday care. If you are not sure yet whether to use natural oil, give a go to oiling hair wet, so apply natural oil just as if you were using a conditioner after hair washing. After another washing, the hair is supposed to become smoother and more shiny. The truth is, vegetable oils hide many precious features therefore it is so beneficial to treat strands with these natural substances regularly. If hair isn’t problematic, oil hair treatment applied once a week should do. However, if the strands are more damaged, it’s worth applying oils at every hair washing. Hair oiling is natural and offers many possibilities.

5. SLS-free shampoos. Detergents are very harmful to hair. Similar case is with alcohols and parabens that accelerate water loss, make hair weak, can irritate scalp as well as leave hair rough, matte and stiff. The best shampoos are the natural ones, featuring delicate cleansing substances (e.g. baby shampoos).

6. Are you growing the hair long? Get it trimmed! Too frequently we avoid visiting a hairdresser when we decide to grow the strands long. Regular trimming is very important so as to help hair maintain its good condition, make it more manageable and prevent it from losing nourishing substances due to splitting.