Hair Care Time! How To Apply Coconut Oil To Your Hair?

Coconut oil is very often and willingly used for body and hair care. However, its thick formula can make the application a bit difficult. How to apply coconut oil to your hair to make the best of it and provide it with health and beauty without overburdening?

There is probably no other such a popular hair oil (maybe with the exception of the argan oil conquering the cosmetic world nowadays). Today, coconut oil can be found almost at every step, in every cosmetic, in many food products. However, the most interesting thing is how to use it properly in hair care.

What type of hair will benefit from coconut oil?

Coconut oil abounds in saturated fatty acids with tiny particles that are much better suited to the structure of low porous, thick, heavy and naturally smooth hair. Can coconut oil be applied to damaged hair? It turns out that splitting, brittle and, in general, high porosity hair will not benefit from it at all. As a matter of fact, the most important task of Coconut oil is not to regenerate but provide hair protection.

How to apply coconut oil to the hair?

There is no one particular method that would be considered the best for everyone. It is best to try out all possible options and choose the way that brings the best results for yourselves. Start off by testing out the most popular methods that worked for most people. Below you will find a few of them.

Hot Oil Treatment

Very often, natural hair oils require warming up before applying them to the hair in order to increase absorbing powers. Increased temperature makes the scales rise which allows the nutrients to penetrate the inner structures. This is a great way to use coconut oil, especially only after heating up, the oil has the right consistency for proper application. If we warm up the oil before use, it absorbs better and does not weigh the strands down.

Wet Hair Oiling

The same as the higher temperature, also water facilitates the supply of valuable substances from oils directly to the interior of the hair. In this case, coconut oil does not need to be heated, you can only gently warm it up in your hands. However, it should be applied to damp hair, because it spreads better and works more effectively.

Hair Mask Base 

Nobody said that coconut oil should be applied solo only. It is the perfect base ingredient to create your own homemade mask. It will be better if we heat it gently, add moisturizing ingredients (for example, honey or aloe vera gel) and a little protein (for instance, a bit of natural yoghurt). We can mix it with other oils (such as raspberry, grape, argan) and create a whole range of DIY beautifying and conditioning cosmetics.

Scalp Treatment Only / Hair Ends Serum Only 

Due to the fact that coconut oil works best on the scalp (it regulates pH, brings relief to irritations) and on the ends (provides protection against water loss, prevents splitting), it can be applied only to selected parts of the hair. Rubbed gently into the scalp or the ends, works as a protective shield and it will be easy to wash out.