Long 4 Lashes – product review, directions, use, effects

Nowadays, women are becoming more aware of their appearances. Therefore, they tend to reach for eyelash growth enhancing products more often because they know that stunning long lashes are the make-up’s cherry on the top. Those who long for long, strong, thick and resilient lashes go for Long 4 Lashes. 

Is an eyelash serum a good means to reinforce lashes?

Every way is worthwhile, as long as it is adjusted to the needs and we are consistent and persistent when it comes to its use. You cannot improve the condition of your lashes overnight, especially when the weakening state is an outcome of more serious damage. The eyelashes must be regenerated and reinforced from within, thus only a concentrated serum will be able to help. What is more, you cannot expect wonders (extremely long and thick lashes) after using only Castor oil to lashes that were initially thinning and prone to breakage. Oils are a good support but will never replace a professional serum.

Long 4 Lashes serum 

Since the cosmetic market is flooded with lash enhancing serums, women have troubles with choosing the best one. That is why they turn to online forums for help. One of the often reviewed and highly-recommended products is Long 4 Lashes from AA Oceanic. It is a growth stimulating serum that has been inspired by the latest worldwide aesthetic medicine accomplishments. It is a truly wonderful cosmetic, especially if you aim for aesthetics. If used regularly, the product will:

– strengthen weaken lash bulbs,

– improve lash natural growth cycle,

– increase shine and resilience.

How does it work? Long 4 Lashes contains bimatoprost – a bit controversial ingredient responsible for stimulating lash growth. However, you must bear in mind that the action of this substance is not clearly defined and depends on the organism – it might increase lash growth to a greater or lesser extent. The formula has been enriched with hyaluronic acid, pro-vitamin B5 and allantoin. It is a set of moisturising, smoothing, soothing and improving elasticity components.

The serum comes in a standard form of a clear eyeliner that is to be applied along the lashline every evening. The effects are very good, however, the action might be disturbed by oiliness or impurities. That’s why it is so important to thoroughly remove make-up, cleanse the skin and rinse it well before the use.