TOP 5! Round-Up of the Best Cluster Lash Extensions to Apply at Home

Eyelashes are tiny hairs having a great impact on women’s looks. They are naturally thin and barely noticeable so women have been trying to change that since forever. Although natural methods fail, we don’t need to be forced to get semi-permanent lash extensions. We can go for DIY cluster lashes instead! Let’s check out five best products that every woman will be happy with!

Ranking of the Best DIY Lash Extensions. What Will You Learn from the Round-Up?

It isn’t easy to pick out the right cluster lashes for DIY use. You can clearly notice that by merely browsing through beauty blogs and magazines. Women’s growing interest in DIY lash extensions made cosmetics companies flood the market with their products. It is definitely hard to be the tester of each one of them. No wonder women keep asking about the names of the best DIY cluster lashes out there.

This is the very reason for creating the ranking! We gather up five top products for eyelash extension at home. Every woman should know the below picks. The ranking presents the objective evaluation of specific lash styles from different brands. It also points to their strengths, downsides and benefits of use.

Our priority was to settle the dispute over which cluster lashes are noteworthy and good value for money. One can easily become overwhelmed by tons of products and accidentally pick the one that proves ineffective.

The ranking featuring TOP 5 products will allow women to take a decision consciously, getting closer to their dream lashes.

The Best Cluster Lash Extensions DIY – TOP 5 Products

Is it possible to pick out only five DIY lash extension packs out of so many on the market? Apparently, it is! The reviewed lash kits and clusters stand out against others.

Still, there are some differences and details that allow us to put them in a particular position. Let’s get to the bottom line and see the ranking leader as well as other noteworthy products!

#1 Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions

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The round-up of TOP 5 DIY cluster lash extensions is opened by the brand Nanolash which released DIY Lash Extensions – eyelash wisps that became women’s popular choice fast. We aren’t surprised. The DIY Lash Extensions can be hailed a premium product because it offers top quality, variety and safety, standing out against competitors.

It’s good to start with the available versions of DIY Lash Extensions. The shoppers can choose between:

  • a single pack of lash clusters: as many as 36 pcs in the box, three lengths, and eight styles to choose from.
  • DIY lash extension kit: in addition to cluster lashes, the set contains Nanolash bonder, sealer, remover and eyelash tweezers.

It should be underlined that around four or five clusters are used per application – the exact number depends on the desired result. This means one box is enough for as many as four applications. On top of that, women who have worn these cluster lashes say they could reuse them. They keep the same shape, which allows you to apply them again. DIY Lash Extensions are highly economical.

When it comes to the created lash looks, our tester was more than happy; the lashes look uniquely natural, blending with real hairs and looking super realistic. Because they are made from extremely light material, the wisps feel weightless and don’t weigh down natural lashes.

The brand Nanolash guarantees that applying cluster lashes takes just 10 minutes. It involves simple steps like applying the bonder, waiting for 30-60 seconds and placing the lashes underneath real hairs, as close to the lash line as possible. As a final touch, you apply the sealer. That’s all. Online reviews show women manage to apply the cluster lashes even faster, which makes DIY Lash Extensions a perfect pick for beginners.

How long cluster lash extensions stay put is another important thing. The producer promises they last for up to five days no matter the circumstances. Again, we’ve read reviews clearly saying we can make the lash extensions last longer. Proper aftercare was enough to let women wear them for even eight days!

I guess everyone agrees the DIY Lash Extensions deserve to be rated most highly. They’re the leader in DIY lash extension.

#2 KISS Falscara Starter Kit

Let’s move on to the next product in our ranking, namely KISS Falscara Starter Kit. These are DIY cluster lash extensions offering a wide range of sizes. Too bad there isn’t the same variety as far as styles are concerned. This means some limitations when you want to create different lash styles.

KISS Falscara Starter Kit works well if you want natural-looking lashes. Doing lashes like Russian Volume may prove more tricky. That’s the very reason why the product comes off second best.

When it comes to durability and ease of application, the reviewers didn’t mention many objections. The brand claims we need around 15 minutes to apply the cluster lashes which is slightly longer than applying DIY Eyelash Extensions.

The lash clusters from KISS Falscara Starter Kit are meant to last around five days but it isn’t guaranteed. The users need to follow aftercare instructions and avoid oil-based cosmetics. Applying cluster lashes properly is also important if we try to make the lash extensions last longer.

#3 Lashify Starter Kit

Lashify Starter Kit is a set of DIY cluster lashes that allow us to turn lash looks around in a few minutes.

The kit includes lash clusters offering different lengths. We can also choose between many lash styles. Besides that, women get accessories that are meant for easier application of false lash extensions. Too bad the brand wants an extremely high price for a set which contains only 10 lash clusters. This means we can do only one application so Lashify offers a temporary effect costing more than semi-permanent lash extension done by a lash tech (with in-fills included!).

The lashes look quite natural but when you take a closer look, you may dislike the thick, black band. Though it blends nicely with the lash line, it may cause trouble during application. For comparison, the DIY Lash Extensions are attached to a thin band which blends with the lash line plus is easier to apply.

Speaking of application, it should take 10 minutes if you have some experience. If not, then you may need more time. The manufacturer isn’t clear about how long these cluster lash extensions can be worn, mentioning “a few days”. That isn’t impressive considering how long Nanolash cluster lashes stay put.

Lashify Starter Kit offers noteworthy lashes, however, there are many things that need improving.

#4 Velour-Xtensions Kit

Velour-Xtensions Kit is the next product on our top list. These DIY cluster lash extensions are supposed to let you create different lash looks, however, the testers say they are rather thick and overly dramatic. With this in mind, we guess it may be hard to achieve a more natural look.

The cluster lashes come in different lengths, and applying these shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. Slightly longer than applying Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions.

Velour-Xtensions Kit is quite solid but you may have problems applying the clusters because of the thick band. The application in this case takes some skill and firm moves to make sure the band blends with the lash line.

The Velour-Xtensions Kit cluster lashes are said to last for a few days but we don’t get a clear statement whether it’s two, three or five days. For comparison, the brand Nanolash promises cluster lashes lasting for five days regardless of circumstances.

We can use Velour-Xtensions Kit for doing volume lashes at home. Still, there are many reasons for improving this product.

#5 Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

The last place in the round-up is taken by Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit – another set of DIY cluster lash extensions. They come in a nice, safe packaging.

The lash clusters from Glamnetic, however, look heavier and thicker than Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions, for example. So we can assume these will be better for volume lashes. Although the brand points out they can also create a natural look, we think it’s not always true after reading the testers’ reviews.

When it comes to application, according to manufacturer’s promises, it should take 10 minutes. Women sharing their experiences online say it is true yet they point out that the first use may take longer. The lash clusters are rather thick which may cause trouble during application.

The brand estimates they can be worn for five days but they clearly say that depends on individual predispositions. Women wearing cluster lashes from the Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit should know they require proper aftercare. The producer reminds us we need to give up oil-based cosmetics and never brush through lashes too harshly.

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit doesn’t impress when we compare it to DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash, however, these lashes have some good sides and should work just fine for those after more dramatic lash looks. Though the last, these cluster lashes deserve to be included in our round-up for sure.

TOP 5 DIY Cluster Lash Extensions. Reflections and Conclusions

Applying eyelash extensions at home has become possible and easily accessible, which, in turn, gives rise to many questions and dilemmas. Which cluster lashes are best? Which ones are the easiest to apply? The answers can be found in our round-up.

The reviewed products will allow you to do lash extension at home in a few minutes. They will work both for volume lashes and natural-looking, more subtle styles.

Eventually, the Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions won the competition. They are the only ones to offer everything that modern women want as far as DIY lash extension goes. Even those with sensitive eyes can wear them worry-free.

Women who are shopping for their perfect DIY lash extensions kit should first think about their expectations, the result they count on and the best curl type for their eye shape.

By doing so, they can be sure any application of DIY lashes will end up in success!