When eyebrows don’t want to regrow. Way to sprout hair

Thin eyebrows used to have their glory days, back then, when Greta Garbo was ruling on the screen. If she had lived today, surely, her eyebrows would look differently. Defined, thick and perfectly conditioned eyebrows have been considered popular for a few seasons now and the chances are that little will change soon. Make-up artists agree that well-enhanced eyebrows boost appeal of the entire face. However, what should be done when our own eyebrows are more suitable for Greta Garbo age than the present? Luckily, there are a few ways to regrow eyebrows.

1. Castor oil – a dense oil that was used by our grandmas and is still popular when it comes to hair and eyebrow care. Does it produce any good effects? The opinions are divided. Surely, castor oil is a great conditioner for hair, however, treating eyelashes and eyebrows with the very substance may bring out rather fair outcomes. Especially, when we realize that we have to wait a few long months to notice first results of the treatment.

2. Eyebrow massage with a brush – regular and delicate eyebrow brushing stimulates blood circulation of the skin which has the direct impact on eyelash bulbs; they are encouraged to work more intensively. Moreover, this procedure helps removing dead epidermis cells, which is considered advantageous because if such residues pile up, they might hinder eyebrow grow.

3. Eyelash growth serum – it’s the best and the fastest method to regrow beautiful, thick eyebrows. Eyelash serum also conditions eyebrows; already after a few weeks of regular use, we can expect to win this desired regrowth of new hair. It’s worth finding out which eyelash growth serums are the best ones and choose the cosmetic that is believed to deliver the best results.

4. Onion juice – everyone who doesn’t mind the characteristic smell of onion can take advantage of this method. As it turns out, running a piece of onion along brow bone has a lot of sense because this vegetable‚Äôs juice contains sulphur and this very element takes part in accelerated hair growth process.

5. Egg yolk – hair growing on brow bone is built from proteins. Since egg yolk is considered as one of the best natural source of proteins, it’s good to apply it to eyebrows. Beat egg yolk to obtain creamy consistency and use a Q-tip to delicately apply the substance to eyebrows.

6. Fenugreek seeds – is yet another natural source of proteins. Cover the seeds with warm water, wait until becomes soft and smash to get paste. Apply this fenugreek seed paste to the eyebrows at bedtime. This herb contains lecithin which positively influences hair growth processes.