Cleanology enzymatic peeling from Dr Irena Eris

To help our skin function properly, certainly, we have to exfoliate dead skin cells. To make skin smoother we generally use face scrubs. Nevertheless, one question appears. Can people having sensitive or dry skin perform skin exfoliation? Yes, they can. With enzymatic peeling from Dr Irena Eris these woman can take care of their complexion without the hazard of irritations formation.

Dr Irena Eris 2What is an enzymatic peeling?

Basically, enzymatic peeling is a kind of a product destined for exfoliating dead epidermis cells. This beauty treatment is recommended to people who have got dry, sensitive or capillary skin. Moreover, enzymatic peeling does not contain scrubbing flecks, and as a consequence, it does not irritate and does not damage skin, both of face and body, in any possible way. So what is the manner of enzymatic peeling working? For example, this cosmetic contains plant enzymes, the aim of which is to dissolve the weakened extracellular matrix. In such a way, dead skin cells and all impurities are painlessly removed from face skin. As it is easy to guess, enzymatic peeling is to be applied on a face, just like a typical face mask, and after several minutes, it should be rinsed. However, this kind of skin exfoliation process is not suggested to people having oily or combination skin since enzymatic peelings can clog the skin pores.

Cleanology enzymatic peeling from Dr Irena Eris

This cosmetic is recommended to people who are the owners of dry, sensitive and capillary skin. What is more, there are no restrictions concerning the age of a consumer. It can be use equally, in the morning and in the evening. The tube contains 75 ml of the product.

Dr Irena Eris 4How does Cleanology enzymatic peeling from Dr Irena Eris work? Firstly, it removes dead epidermis cells from face surface. The exfoliation itself is possible due to papain – a plant enzyme. Secondly, it smooths, refreshes and makes face skin soft. Thirdly, thanks to the regular application of the cosmetic, gradually regeneration and firming follows. Moreover, this product enables skin to get ready for other care cosmetic application. Additionally, Dr Irena Eris cosmetic is of anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties.

How to apply Cleanology enzymatic peeling? It is suggested, to put this cosmetic on dry and cleansed skin. After approximately five minutes, the peeling must be rinsed and then, care cream should be put on. Finally, this cosmetic is advised to be used once or twice a week.

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