Hair Hydration – Step by step

“Women’s beauty is a form of power” – that is what writer Susan Sontag used to say. With charm, sex appeal and grace you can achieve a lot. However, the most expressive woman’s feature are hair. How can you take care of them so that they would be at their best? Obviously, you have to properly moisturise them.

hair2Hair wash

Hydration starts with hair wash. Best results brings hair wash with conditioner or CWC method. Dry hair hate strong detergents, so you should replace them with more delicate washing product. You should not waste your money on moisturising shampoos because those are totally non-effective. Shampoo should just wash hair, but in the most delicate way possible.


There are several methods of hair hydration – oil treatment, conditioners, intense hair masks or balms, etc. You can either focus on one technique or try some combined conditioning. During the entire process you have to remember about few things.

Hair masks

Dry hair need much more diverse conditioning. You may want to think about replacing your conditioner with something that will provide more intense moisture. Best is regular application of hair mask. Of course, those with moisturising properties, which means with humectants (substance used to keep things moist) and emollients (substances preventing water loss).


Best friends of dry hair are oils. Regular oil treatment provides right level of hydration thanks to rich fatty acids. You should find your favourite oil, which will be best for your hair. In moisturising treatment avoid Indian herbal mixes, because those can cause dryness.


Conditioning products with silicones are still very controversial subject, though there was so much said to confirm their beneficial properties. No matter opinions, you should try silicones in your conditioning treatment. This is great finishing ingredient. It effectively locks water in the inner hair structures, limits hair loss and extends effectiveness of moisturising products.

The ultimate enemies of dry hair are all dryness causing substances. It is not recommended to use mentioned above Asian herbal mixes, cosmetics with large amount of herbal extracts, excess of proteins or alcohol (Alcohol Denat, Isopropyl Alcohol, Alcohol).

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