A Good Eyelash Growth Serum. What to Consider while Making a Choice?

Our lash care routine isn’t as complex as hair care. Mascara is usually the only tool in the fight for a beautiful look. We reach for an eyelash enhancer when lashes start breaking or falling out. The best lash growth serum is definitely worth knowing.

Products aren’t equal. Among hundreds of commercially-available lash serums, it isn’t easy to find the one which effectively enhances fragile lashes and stimulates their growth. What to consider while making a choice?

Minimalism wins

Think twice before reaching out for a cosmetic which is full of chemicals and potential allergens. Eyelashes like minimalism. The choice of a product with simple ingredients may save you from the unwanted eye irritation. It’s enough if a lash serum has 5-6 components – the ones that aren’t random. The substances must fulfill defined tasks – condition, stimulate growth, moisturise.

Good of nature

Let’s search for natural ingredients which are able to nourish and strengthen eyelashes from within and are safe. These might be plant extracts or natural oils. Large quantities aren’t necessary. The ingredients must go with the needs of lashes. For example: great serums include the Eyebright extract – an ingredient found in moisturising eye drops. Since it’s good for the eyes, it’s great for the lashes.

Check the applicator!

Some girls believe that brushing the lashes is a way to stimulate their growth. Sadly, it doesn’t work in case of applying lash growth serums. The best lash enhancer comes with a thin brush. Such an applicator lets you apply the amount which is necessary for the serum to work, making the product reach the bulbs fast. It’s easy to spread the serum on the lash base with the brush so you don’t waste the product.

The price doesn’t matter

A cheaper or pricier serum? To be honest, the price isn’t so crucial yet you may expect higher-quality ingredients in a more expensive serum. Pay attention to the composition and applicators. The price should be the last thing to consider.

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