Blue therapy against wrinkles. Face cream from Biotherm – Blue Therapy

‘The Big Blue’ title acquires a new significance when we take a look at Blue Therapy cream from Biotherm brand. No wonder why, this very colour has been used in the design of the package since the cream’s aim is to moisturize our face. It goes without saying that water equals moisturization and this, in turn, is associated with smooth skin.

Biotherm 1Blue Therapy cream is recommended for those people who suffers form dry skin problem. And it is not hard to figure out that dry skin corresponds with wrinkled and discolored skin. Basically, dehydrated skin lacks of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other crucial substances that keep her firmness and elasticity in a good condition. How does it happen that skin is deprived of water or is unable to hold the suitable miniaturization level? The improper exchange of water, along with the improper receiving of water can be caused, for example, by hormonal disorders. Unskillful skin cleansing process, the application of irritating cosmetics, medicine taking, cigarettes and alcohol also influences the limited water absorption of skin. However, the main reason of dehydrated skin is the age. The older we get, the more enhanced speed of diminishing moisturizing substances out of skin.

Biotherm 2How does Blue Therapy cream work?

First of all, this cream reduces visibility of wrinkles, smooths skin, highlights discolouration and protects face skin from solar radiation. According to the producer, the enhancement of skin condition appears after four weeks since the first application. Biotherm cosmetic brings the young appearance back into our face and the appealing look. Is this possible only due to the ingredients or maybe there is yet another reason for this magical working of Blue Therapy cream? Obviously, the components have got an enormous influence over skin condition. Nevertheless, all that counts is the proper moisturization. What does that mean? Moisturization is nothing more than the application of appropriate creams and the consumption of great amounts of still mineral water. Without these two substances our skin is going to be gray, flab and dry.

Blue Therapy cream from Biotherm is closed in a little, round jar of the capacity equal 30 ml. One package costs almost 50 pounds.

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