Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Professional brow care at home

Full-looking, strong and pretty eyebrows are many women’s dream. Sadly, few are lucky enough to enjoy truly stunning natural brows. What about the remaining ladies? Are they doomed to daily application of brow enhancing colour cosmetics or undergo various beautifying treatments? Undoubtedly, the majority of them don’t consider these options as the best solution since they would rather go for obtaining a natural-looking effect that only rebuilt eyebrows are able to create. Achieving this goal is now possible thanks to Nanobrow eyebrow serum. How does it work? What does it contain? How to use it?

nanobrow brow serum

How-To: Eyebrow care

Conscious eyebrow care is crucial because of the two important roles the hair plays for the organizm: protective and beautifying. The protective function is connected with shielding the eyes against rain and sweat drops running down the face; even against blood drops in the case of head injuries. The other function is linked with beauty – after all, women want to be attractive and feel gorgeous. Professional care delivered to this face part is an integral part of a daily beauty routine of every well-groomed lady.

Who can benefit from using Nanobrow?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum is recommended to those people who wish for improving the state and look of their eyebrows. This beauty product serves its purpose best in the case of:

  • short, thin and barely-there eyebrows
  • fair eyebrows
  • weak and thinning eyebrows
  • dehydrated eyebrow ridge skin and dry eyebrows
  • resigning from strong eyebrow makeup
  • overplucked eyebrows
  • patchy eyebrows
  • damaged eyebrow follicles

How does Nanobrow eyebrow serum work?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum delivers its beneficial effects not only to eyebrows but also to the skin the hair grows out from. This product:

  • stimulates eyebrow growth
  • intensifies volume, thickens and extends eyebrows
  • darkens eyebrows
  • reinforces weakened eyebrows and prevents their thinning
  • supplies eyebrow follicles with essential nutrients
  • moisturizes brow ridge skin
  • fills in the gaps in eyebrows
  • regenerates damaged hair

nanobrow eyebrow serum before and after

In order to achieve the very effects, Nanobrow eyebrow serum must be applied regularly. A tube containing 5 ml of the serum is enough to expose the brows to one course of the treatment. The price of Nanobrow reflects its quality, quick results, effectiveness of ingredients and simplicity of use.

What are the ingredients used in Nanobrow?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum contains beautifying and growth-promoting substances. Some of the ingredients are:

  • wheat germ extract – rebuilds and regenerates weak eyebrows, boosts natural shine and supplies the hair with nourishing and moisturizing substances
  • baikal skullcap extract – helps fighting off free radicals, shields against solar radiation, regenerates damaged eyebrows
  • soy germ extract – is an antioxidant, rebuilds and reinforces eyebrows
  • ginseng root extract – delays premature ageing processes, regenerates weak eyebrows and encourages their growth
  • lactic acid – replenishes skin with water and accelerates penetration of nutrients into skin and eyebrows
  • arginine and panthenol – they are moisturizers that prevent excessive water loss in eyebrows and skin

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Application

Nanobrow eyebrow serum comes with a precise applicator that easily reaches all hairs growing on brow ridge to cover them with the serum. The shape of the applicator is similar to the one of most lip glosses’ which is why every woman will know how to use it.

Before applying Nanobrow, face skin must be cleansed and the eye makeup should be thoroughly removed. The applicator picks up the adequate amount of the serum to evenly distribute it on eyebrows. Just one glide of the applicator is enough to supply eyebrows with what they need to grow thick and beautiful.

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22 Comments “Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Professional brow care at home”

  1. MissCosmetic

    Sadly, I never paid much attention to my eyebrows. Instead, I used to pluck them too often – I had no mercy for them. Now they rebel and don’t want to grow back. Nanobrow is my last resort. Do you know how much it costs?

  2. lullaby

    My brows were always fair and thin, I always had to improve their appearance, fix them with makeup etc. but Nanobrow has changed all of that because after just few weeks of use it made my arches grow new darker and fuller brows. The brow ridges are now darker and look definately better.

  3. XXX

    How long does this 5ml serum last?

    • K-9

      I’ve been using it for 4 moths now and I still have the liquid inside the tube but now I apply it less often because my eyebrows are already thick

    • H@zelEyes

      Nanobrow lasts for the entire treatment and a bit longer 🙂

  4. Cutieee

    Somthing special for those who love having mesmerizing look without a tint of fakeness 🙂 #beautifulbrows

  5. BettyHellen

    i like beauty products that have natural composition and quick effects

  6. M.R.

    I’m testing it! It’s reqally comforting reading that buying nanobrow was a good decision! 🙂

  7. Frances

    I guess this is something for me because my brows are thin and light in color. I think I’ll order it but on the other hand I wasn’t satisfied with Revitabrow that was more expensive… I’m hesistant…


    I love my Nanobrow eyebrows! <3

  9. Yollo-1978

    I’d marry this eyebrow serum! It lasts really long, is lightweight and great. Has anyone used it?

  10. georginia

    My friend gave it to me. She couldn’t stop telling how amazing Nanobrow is – top of tops. We will see soon 😀

  11. CinammoneS

    Am I the only one who finds this price outrageous? Is it even efficient?

    • Cats_Claw

      The price for SUCH product is really fair, such serums can’t be cheaper beacuse the quality costs… And the effects also have theit price. I recommend you Nanobrow. I tested it together with my sister and it works!

  12. Agnessie

    What happens when you aren’t systematic with using Nanobrow? Are there any effects? I keep forgetting to apply it.

  13. anteater

    where can I find the list of ingredients?

  14. 1pusskit

    Oh, I’ve ordered it the other day. It’s good to read another positive Nanobrow review. This reassures me that I chose well. I’ll surely come back here and tell you about the effects. I just need to start using this serum 😀

  15. Cosmetic_itch

    I used to have Nano-serum, but the one for lashes. Nanolash appeared to be dope so I think that Nanobrow is another beauty hit!

  16. DacME

    Which shop sells Nanobrow the cheapest?

  17. hallieberrie

    let me subscribe to this opinion: great composition, very convenient doefoot applicator and the effects – both great and gentle

  18. RachelHey

    My dearest eyebrow serum! I truly like it!

  19. tamaris-x

    I’m using it everyd ay (3 weeks or so) and I have this impression that my eyebrows appear to be somehow stronger and daker


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