Blurred Eyeliner – The ‘It’ Trend of Upcoming Summer!

Make-up trends change like in kaleidoscope. What was on the top few months back, today maybe already passé. The largest playing field still leaves eye make-up. Its variations seem infinite. Despite of so many possibilities that has came and gone, we are being constantly surprised.

Currently the hottest trend is smoky eyeliner, which is… combination of perfect line with blurred smoky eye make-up. This make-up is a successor of bubble eyeliner, which did not stick around for longer. This trend just seemed too abstractive. Smoky eyeliner is definitely better alternative.

Blurred eyeliner is not that entirely new in make-up. You can say that, we are going back to the old ways. It looks sexy and seductive, ensures elegance and beautifully underlines eye. Blurred eyeliner on the eyelid, if only performed well, can become a worthy successor of classical, perfect line. It is certainly great idea for all those people who experience problems with creation of perfectly straight line.

How can you perform smoky eyeliner styled make-up?

You can do that in two ways.

First method is about transformation of traditional line. On the top eyelid draw a feline flick with eyeliner. It is important that the line be a bit longer. Lower part of line should be well visible and even, while there is no problem if the higher part is kind of blurry and wavy. The top of the line will be soften anyway. Perfect for the blend will be pencil brush. Blend product with strokes directed up to create as much of a natural colour transition.

Second technique seems much simpler, but you will need template or a sticky tape. Draw a line along the lashes line and for drawing flick use a template. Place piece of sticky tape from the outer corner of the eye towards the end of eyebrow; this way you will indicate how the lower line should go. To do that you can also use: ruler, piece of cutlery or any other straight item. Instead of eyeliner, use eye shadow and apply thick layer of it near the template and blend it upwards. When you put the template away you will see that you achieved perfect line.

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