Make-up arcana – How should you apply eye shadow?

You carefully choose colours and apply it in large amounts, but effect is still nowhere to be seen. The entire eye shadow falls down on face and after an hour there is no trace of any eye shadow. Faulty product? Adverse conditions during the day? See below if you apply eye shadows correctly.

Contrary to appearances, eye shadows application is not as obvious as it may seem. Incorrect method of application, unprepared eyelid or poor choice of products, which are not dedicated for given make-up can influence final effect. Let us introduce to you, the most common mistakes in application of eye shadows.

Mistake 1. Lack of eye shadow base

Eye shadows should not be applied on dry eyelid. Eye shadow base fulfils task of magnet, which extends durability of eye shadows. Eye shadow base is a key element, responsible for colour intensity, durability and easier application.

Mistake 2. Use of concealer on eyelid

It happens that eye shadow base is often replaced with concealer. It is expected to make skin complexion on eyelids even. Sadly, concealers can have too intense pigment and change colour of eye shadow and its properties.

Mistake 3. Eye make-up before face make-up

Usually bloggers are the one to start make-up with eyes and only then they perform face make-up. However, all make-up artists agree that it can destroy eye make-up. Foundation should be applied first. Only then eye shadows provide final effect, which on even skin look much different than on unprepared skin.

Mistake 4. Exclusive use of brush

Professional make-up has to be executed with help of brushes, there is no doubt about it. Although, use of only brushes can be adverse. For eye shadows application you should sometimes use sponge or other accessories to gain different effect. Application of shade with fingers is a perfect way to, for instance blur make-up or perform smoky eye.

Mistake 5. Application of too many shades

Someone said once, that for perfect make-up are necessary at least four shades. If you want expressive and colourful make-up then try colour compilations. Usually enough is use of eye shadow base and 1-2 shades, to create beautiful frame for eyes.

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