Monoi Oil from Tahitian Gardenia. Hair products overview.

Macerating of flower petals in coconut oil is one of the best ways to extract the most of the blossoms. Traditional Monoi Oil is a product of marvelous caring features that captivate with its exotic fragrance of Tahitian flowers.

The oil arrived to us directly from Tahiti. On the beautiful, exotic island, this natural substance is considered as a traditional oil. It’s been manually produced by native people of Polynesia since ages. What’s interesting, there’s the strict procedure according to which Monoi Oil should be extracted. In short, the oil is produced by damping fresh Gardenia flowers in coconut oil base and kept there for at least 15 days. This, so-called, maceration is the process during which the valuable substances and fragrances of Tiaré flowers are released into the oil.

Fun Fact:
In the old Tahitian language, Monoi Oil means ‘perfumed oil.’

When buying the oil, it’s worth keeping in mind that, unfortunately, the cosmetic market is full of Monoi Oil’s counterfeits. Much cheaper and frequently approached Monoi Oils are in most cases perfumed artificially and contain 50% of real Monoi Oil at most; usually, such products contain no more than 10% of the pure oil. It’s important to realize that only 100% pure Monoi Oil shows caring features, smells beautiful, has velvet consistency and dermis absorbs it fast.

Monoi Oil – Beauty Features.

How does Monoi Oil work when applied to skin?

It’s really well-tolerated by skin. So far, there haven’t been any cases of irritations or allergic reactions reported by people who used Monoi Oil regularly (obviously, the pure one). Moreover, it has strong moisturizing and smoothing features, and right after application skin remains replenished with water for a few long hours. Another key point to mention, Monoi Oil can be used for massaging, too. It leaves a silky protective film on the skin that shields dermis against the damaging environmental factors.

How does Monoi Oil work when applied to hair?

Monoi Oil affects hair in the equally positive way as it does with the skin. To demonstrate, the oil strengthens and makes hair flexible. Moreover, Monoi Oil proves to have antibacterial and antifungal action. This is why Monoi Oil counteracts dandruff, eliminates itching and eases the scalp irritations. The oil is especially recommended while fighting against split ends because when applied to hair, it builds into the hair structure and also delivers protection against solar radiation.

Which hair cosmetics contain Monoi Oil?

[1] Nanoil for low porosity hair

Capacity: 100 ml
Consistency: silky oil
Product: for hair that is straight, hard-to-style, long-drying

One of three light and precise hair oils. Matching hair structure (hair porosity), not the problem. Nanoil hair oil works on three layers: on the hair’s surface, inside the hair and on the scalp. The oil’s version for low porosity hair combines features of natural oils with vitamins and two substances stimulating hair growth and counteracting hair loss (kerastim and baicapil). Since the hair oil is enriched with UV filter, it delivers complex protection to hair. Despite these features, it serves well as a hair styling preparation, accelerates the drying time, increases the natural hair volume and texture as well as it improves hair manageability. Nanoil has a very pleasant aroma and the oil itself is closed in a really elegant bottle. Although its price is the highest among the other products enumerated below, the oil’s efficiency, quality, look and effectivity make Nanoil worth spending every penny. Nanoil for low porosity hair is recognized as the best oil for straight and thin strands.

Monoi Oil in Nanoil: Flowers of Tahitian Gardenia macerated in the best quality coconut oil are accompanied with other natural oils and cosmetic butters, the total amount of which is 9. Monoi Oil present in Nanoil hair oil is of the highest quality, and its features are regarded as absolutely crucial when it comes to hair care.

[2] L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream Dry Hair

Capacity: 150 ml
Consistency: creamy
Product: for all hair types

When focusing on the consistency, the product resembles a hair mask or a regular conditioner. However, when it comes to the features and the composition, the cosmetic should be classified as a hair oil. And this is where its name comes from. This Oil in Cream delivers nourishment to hair. When applied in the suggested amount, it’s absorbed well and gifts hair with shine, softness and smoothness. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream Dry Hair can be applied in three various ways: to damp hair to obtain smooth strands, before blow-drying to deliver heat protection, or to dry hair so as to discipline hair and leave it glossy.

Monoi oil in Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream: Extract from Tahitian Gardenia flowers is located almost at the end of the composition list. Instead, the product contains more coconut oil that Monoi Oil is macerated in. Probably the amount of the substance is here sparse whereas the macerate itself doesn’t contain as much of vital elements as it’s expected.

[3] Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti, Lagoon Shampoo and Shower Gel

Capacity: 200 ml
Consistency: gel
Product: for body and hair wash

It can be recognized thanks to its navy-colored bottle with a yellow cap that gifts the product the vacation look. The cosmetic delicately washes away the residues of salt and sunscreens since it was designed to treat skin and hair during the summer trip to the seaside. Once used, skin becomes soft whereas hair is supposed to shine. The cosmetic restores the natural protective hydro-lipid barrier of skin that has been damaged by salty sea water and UV radiation. It’s recommended to use Lagoon Shampoo and Shower Gel by Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti at least twice a day.

Monoi oil in Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti: Here Tahitian Gardenia flowers extract is located right next to coconut oil, which means that macerate is richer in the precious substances typical for Tahitian Gardenia. Nevertheless, the amount of the oil is trace.

[4] Diego Dalla Palma, Effettispeciali, Illuminating Crystals

Capacity: 50 ml
Consistency: semi-liquid
Product: for hair that is dry and deprived of shine

Italian hair oil delivering care to dull strands that are dehydrated. The product smooths the outer structure of hair, adds softness and makes hair stronger. When applied regularly to damp hair, Diego Dalla Palma, Effettispeciali, Illuminating Crystals hair oil facilitates combing. When applied to dry strands, the product provides shine without weighing hair down. It’s one of the smallest and most expensive hair oils of beautifying action only.

Monoi oil in Diego Dalla Palma, Effettispeciali, Illuminating Crystals: Tahitian Monoi Oil is the only one natural substance, except linseed oil. This is a typical Tahitian Gardenia flowers macerate the amount of which is smaller than the amount of the silicones that are located at the beginning of the ingredient list.