How can you regenerate skin around the eyes?

Wild party, overtime at work or maybe just sensitive skin? For various reasons skin around the eyes becomes weak, fatigued and swollen. You can observe dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles, which become deeper and many other imperfections. Let’s see in what way can you get rid of those unpleasant surprises without use of any cosmetics. Below, you’ll find proven techniques for make-up removal with home made methods.

Olive oil instead of make-up removal

You have just realised that you run out of make-up removal and you haven’t got any new cosmetics? Don’t worry – this is a problem of many of us. Luckily, you do not have to run to shop for supply of make-up removal cosmetics. Go to the kitchen and take olive oil. Apply few drops on cotton pad and very gently cleanse with it face and eyes. Do not press cotton pads too forcefully against eyelids, because it can lead to skin irritations. To remove waterproof cosmetics use sesame oil, which has definitely stronger properties. It will cleanse eyes of mascara and eye shadows and what’s more, it will additionally nourish skin.

Woman eye.Vegetables and fruits for dark circles around the eyes

If you have dark circles around the eyes then try compress with vegetables or fruits. You will need slices of potatoes or kiwi. They contain large amount of vitamin C and E and natural antioxidants. What is more, potatoes consist of whitening and highlighting properties. They will easily deal with dark circles around the eyes, small wrinkles and discolourations. Wrap slice of raw potato or kiwi in a gauze and place under eyes for about 15 minutes.

Green tea for puffiness

Any puffiness around the eyes, you can remove with use of green tea. Mash two tea bags and put away for 5 minutes. Then place tea bags in the fridge, so they can cool down. Such cold compress place on eyes. After awhile skin will be regenerated and calmed. Use the brew you have left and add to it ice cubes. Soak in it cotton pads and place them on eyes for about 10 minutes.

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