Winter body care: oily face skin, chapped lips, dry body skin, lip cheilosis.

Winter body care 1

Oily skin

This skin type deals with winter temperatures better than other skin types because it has its natural protective layer (in a form of sebum). Despite the fact that oily skin is prone to become greasy, we cannot stop or give up taking care of it. What is more, it is also forbidden to use cosmetics that contain alcohol or skin drying features. Moreover, it is highly possible that oily skin type transforms into acne skin. For that reason, while taking care of this skin type, it is advised to use products of moisturizing features, that do not contain soap, pigments, fragrances, paraffin and other strongly oiling substances.

Chapped lips

Winter body care 2Small wounds, dry epidermis, stinting pain and cracked mouth are the effects of chapped lips. Mouth skin is extremely delicate and, therefore, prone to to be affected by low temperatures, cold wind, and air pollution. For that reason, perfect lip care should consist of application of products having moisturizing and protective features. This kind of care products are, for example, lip-balms, Vaseline and other similar preparations that are fatty in consistency. It also a good idea to perform delicate lips exfoliation treatment in order to eliminate dead epidermis cells. What is more, it is easier to take care of smooth lips.

Dry body skin

Warm clothes, irregular hair removal or body epidermis exfoliation lead to body skin dehydration. Epidermis looses its smoothness and elasticity, and tend to exfoliate in uncontrolled way. Moreover, all these symptoms are accompanied by sensation of contracted skin, irritation and even frostbite. Obviously, it is crucial to take care of body skin properly, moisturise it and apply body scrubs. While talking about body scrubs, this kind of a product has to be reapplied every week whereas a body balm or cosmetic butter should be put on the body every single time after having shower or bath,

Home remedies for lip cheilosis

Cracked skin in corners of the mouth is called cheilosis. The pain and wounds can be healed with vitamins, honey, aloe and even a cucumber. When it comes to the vitamins, the most preferable ones are C and these from B group. Aloe juice, slices of a cucumber or several drops of honey have easing, nourishing and anti-bacterial features. Surely, these will manage to eliminate cheilosis.

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