How to get beautiful and long eyelashes

Every woman dreams of having longer and thicker eyelashes. There is nothing strange about that since the women’s look seems deeper and more appealing when one has beautiful eyelashes.

In fact, it is not so much about the variety of mascaras as it is about the short-term effect which these produce. So, if you really want to have beautiful, long eyelashes, you should take care of them and make them look fabulous, not only by applying the mascara. Eyelashes, similarly to hair on the head, need to be properly nourished and moisturized. Thanks to that, these won’t become dry and fragile. To avoid that problem, it is advisable to use castor oil and various eyelash conditioners. The advantage of this kind of cosmetics is the fact, that, they not only moisturize and nourish our eyelashes but also stimulate them to the faster growth.

makeupeyelashWhen our eyelashes become more nourished, shiny and stronger, we can proceed with the choosing the appropriate mascara. It is extremely important to take a good look at our eyelashes to pick just the right mascara made especially form them. In a case, when our eyelashes are long and thin, we should grab a thickening mascara. If we use a lengthening mascara, the effect will be rather unaesthetic. On the other hand, when our eyelashes are short but thick, it is advisable to use a lengthening mascara. Obviously, we have got numerous mascaras on the market which combine both effects: lengthening and thickening.

If you dream of revved up, long eyelashes, you can apply abundant eyelashes with the curling effect. Nevertheless, while using these, we shouldn’t strain on the spectacular result. It is really worth remembering that, if we fancy having curved eyelashes, we should rather pick up eyelash curler. Moreover, while choosing the appropriate mascara for ourselves it is also worth considering the type of the brush. When we have long eyelashes, we should pick up rather smaller brush because the longer one leaves the smudges on the upper eyelid. On the other hand, when we have short and thin eyelashes, we should use the brushes made from silicone and plastic, thanks to which, the eyelashes become separated and well-covered with the mascara.

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