L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil – regenerating hair oil

Damaged and weakened hair that lost its natural glow? There is a simple way to improve it. The regenerating treatment with L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil should bring the desired results. Natural ingredients, easy application and effectiveness of the treatment will do their job. How does the product work and how to apply this regenerating oil?

What has L’biotica Biovax Bamboo and Avocado Oil to offer?

L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil is designed for dry, weak hair that lost volume and density. The cosmetic has a strengthening and shine-improving effects. Thanks to it, the hair will be:

  • deeply moisturized, soft to the touch and thoroughly smoothed,
  • resistant to breakage and damage,
  • shiny,
  • protected against harmful external factors.

L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil – ingredients

L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil contains natural ingredients. These include, among others, fatty acids, vitamins (B, E, C, D and K) and minerals (magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc). We will not find parabens, silicones, paraffin and surface-active detergents in it. The product is rich in:

  • bamboo leaf extract – abounds in flavonoids that fight free radicals and inhibit hair loss and greying,
  • oil extracted from young bamboo shoots – contains many vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair and protect it from damage,
  • avocado oil – with fatty acids that regenerate hair and prevent split ends.

How to use L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil?

A small amount of L’biotica Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Oil should be warmed up in your hands and then applied to moist, towel-dried hair. Do not rinse the cosmetic but leave-in until it’s fully absorbed. The oil can also be used on dry hair before styling or to protect the ends from damage. One bottle contains 50 ml of essential oil, which is enough for about four months of treatment.

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