How to use hair mousse? Find out if you do it properly!

hairssHair mousse is one of the most favourable hair styling facilitators that can be found in home and at hairdresser’s salons. No matter if our hairdo is set by professionals or just by ourselves, it always needs to be fixed – and this is why everybody uses the irreparable hair mousse. Yet, do you know how to apply it properly?


How does hair mousse work?

It is crucial to start with explaining, what is the manner of hair mousse work. Hair mouse is used mainly to provide hair with additional volume and define shape of a hairdo. If applied properly, it coats hair with invisible protective layer, which is responsible for smoothing hair structure, taming unruly hair and setting the strands the way we want them to be. There are many types of hair mousses, that differ in terms of hold strength, yet their application is alike.

How to apply hair mousse properly?

1. Adjust amount of the product to obtain the looked-for effect.

Has it ever happened that hair mousse created clumps on your hair? Yes, it is fairly common problem caused by applying too excessive amounts of the cosmetic to hair. If we count on fixing delicate beachy weaves or curls, then there is no point in putting on great quantities of the product because all we obtain is look that is far from being described as natural. More considerable amounts of hair mousse are accepted when we need strong hold and precise effect.

2. Apply hair mousse only to damp hair.

Although hair mousse can be put on dry hair, this procedure requires remarkable skills. Otherwise, all we obtain are clumped strands. The best possible manner of applying hair mousse is putting it on shampooed and towelled hair. Only in this way, the product will be distributed evenly and will not clump the strands. However, what should be done when we have not include hair washing into our daily schedule? No problem. Just damp hair with water and then proceed with hair mousse.

3. Do not scrunch up hair with the hands.

The most common mistake done by plenty of women steams from their ignorance. Do you also scrunch up hair after coating it with hair mousse? This is the fastest and the easiest way to clump your hair together and stick it to the scalp. Obviously, you cannot count on volume boost nor on achieving natural effect.

4. Match the manner of application with the outcome.

Hair mousse can be applied in many ways, which is obvious. Two, most popular techniques are: gentle distribution of the product staring from roots and heading to tips, or combing the hair mousse into the strands. The first method guarantees curl fix whereas the second one gifts hair with additional volume.

And the most important – do not forget to give hair mousse time to get absorbed!

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