Dressing table – Indispensable item of furniture that every woman should have

If you look at your cosmetics right now, you will probably notice, that these are scattered all around the room or a bathroom, and even some of these are in a place that is not designed for keeping cosmetics at all. What is the best place to store all the care products? Obviously, on a dressing table or a washstand. How should this furniture look like? And what is the best manner of arranging the cosmetics?

Dressing Table – Indispensable Item of Furniture in a Woman’s Bedroom
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What are the characteristics of a model dressing table? First of all, you have to realize that you are going to spend every morning (or sometimes even evenings) sitting next to this item of furniture doing your make-up. Under those circumstances, it would be great if the lightening were set appropriately. The light should be bright enough to expose all your skin imperfections. Thanks to this, you will be able to camouflage all that requires hiding. In general, most of the modern dressing tables are equipped with a moulding lighting that can be tuned on either on one or the other side (depends on the model.) In most cases, these moulding are set around the mirror as well. While talking about the mirror, it should reflect most of your figure, in other words, you should be able to see your head and the waist. What is more, some dressing tables are equipped with additional, moving side mirrors. These are extremely useful especially when setting hair since you can look at your hairstyle from every possible angle. Obviously, another crucial element of any dressing table are the drawers where you can store your cosmetics. Some of these have a single, wide drawer, whereas, the others have got several smaller drawers. When it comes to the first type of dressing tables, the cosmetic organisation requires a little more of effort.

Dressing Table – Cosmetic & Accessories Organisation

To keep your cosmetics in order, you can buy a kind of a cosmetic organizer. To demonstrate, it is a collection of separate containers for make-up brushes and accessories as well as other boxes for various cosmetic storage. In fact, you can create such organizers on your own. Prepare plywood or thick cardboard, a good quality glue and colorful cloth. Measure the length and width of a drawer, and then adjust the shape and size of the compartments. Colourful and care cosmetics can be stored inside a drawer, however, the make-up brushes should be kept on a desktop. To make the compartments more personal, decorate these with the cloth of your favourite colour or pattern. Coming back to the brushes, try to fill the compartments with colourful little stones or beads in order to make the accessories stand more firmly. A magnifying mirror might be useful as well.

Mind you! You have to take care of the order and cleanliness of the dressing table surface as well as of the inside of the drawers. Remember to clean the mirror once in a week, wipe the desktop and clean the compartments precisely. Do not forget about all make-up brushes and other accessories disinfection.

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