Lashode as the new (better) way of eyelash styling

Lashode as the better way of eyelash styling

The effect of maximally thick and long eyelashes without attaching false extensions? Lashcode mascara is a new dimension of every day eyelash styling, which now becomes even easier. It’s a marvelous way to obtain magnetizing look thanks to the best ingredients and the precise silicone spiral.

Lashcode mascara shows women the way leading to feeling good about themselves. One can’t blankly walk past the look defined with the long-lasting and smart eye make-up. The velvet formula of Lashcode is a synergy of precious nourishing substances and powdery pigments. All for the effect of limitless eyelashes!


Precise Lashcode brush astonishingly separates eyelashes coating even the shortest hair located in the corners of the eyes, lifting them up and leaving them curled.

Lashcode has the only such an applicator – an ergonomic brush of the size adjusted to every eyelash. The spiral is made of silicone of the highest quality thanks to which the brush maintains the balance between elasticity and stiffness.  On one hand, for easy wielding, and on the other, for the ideal eyelash separation.

The applicator has a row of grooves and silicone bristles of various length and proper density. For that reason, eyelashes can be coated with the perfect layer of the velvet formula with every single brush glide. Also, eyelashes become longer and thicker. This is why Lashcode mascara delivers natural and not exaggerated effect of expressive make-up defining eyes.

Precisely developed Lashcode formula fixes the curve, defines eyelashes with the intensive black colour by extending and thickening.

The creamy formula of Lashcode fits in with the precise spiral so as to obtain the long-lasting effects. The precise eyelash separation, noticeably curved and defined eyelashes gain and maintain the perfect shape for long hours. Make-up holds for 24 hours without flaking off nor smudges.

The unique Lashcode technology enriched with eyelash smoothing formula helps the hair win elasticity and shine, become easy to separate and soft to the touch. Lashcode brings out the most important asset of woman’s face, which is the look. The mascara defines it with the fan of thick eyelashes of pitch-black colour. This is one of a few mascaras that shapes eyelashes, outlines the eye contour and provides maximum extension, thickening and curve.

The blend of nourishing substances of Lashcode for 24 hours penetrates eyelash bulbs delivering moisture, strengthening, regeneration and accelerating growth.

Lashcode mascara contains a set of natural substances carrying many caring features. If it wasn’t for them, the mascara wouldn’t be such a marvelous make-up artist. Moreover, it supports the natural cycle of eyelash growth, takes care of their proper moisture, strengthens, regenerates and rebuilds the damaged structure. Additionally, the mascara provides complete eyelash protection. For the sake of the delicate eyelashes, Lashcode formula was enriched with:

  • Scutellaria baicalensis root extract,
  • wheat shoot extract,
  • soy shoot extract,
  • pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol),
  • vitamin E (so-called, the vitamin of youth),
  • arginine (natural amino acid).

19 Comments “Lashode as the new (better) way of eyelash styling”

  1. Monic@

    Indeed, it maximally extends and adds body to lashes. I tested the mascara on my short and thin eyelashes 😉

  2. zetzet

    what’s this Baicalein???

  3. IrmineBlue

    you can blow eyelash curler off,because the mascara curls the lashes and the wand reaches eye corners. great mascara! <3

  4. sunset99

    girls, do you know any waterpoof mascaras that curl lashes?

  5. KatyS

    I can see that this mascara has got natural ingredients but do you know if it can be applied by allergy sufferers and other oversensitive?/

    • s.h.e.

      im allergic to many cosmetics but this particular mascara doesn’t irritate me. in general im highly satisfied so i can recomend this product to other allergy sufferers

  6. Yoko

    I love this mascara, it’s very convenient to use, it defines the lashes beautifully and stays on lashes long even when you weep 🙂 but somehow it’s easy to remove. It would be nice if it cost less but i understand that you have to pay more for this kind of quality.

    • Shhhhhh...

      Exactely. MOreover it’;s worth mentionig that this mascara is very efficient

  7. JoBeauty

    I tested this cosmetic and basically im satisfied. It enhances eyes, look becomes more defined. The bruish separates lashes no matter how many coats you apply. The only drawback, at least form me, is the accesibility. You can’t examine the mascara in any shop, use tester or just take a look at the brush, color.. Anyway, I recommendb this product

    • edi77

      Personally, I don’t consider this as a drowback because I buy most of the cosmetics via the Internet. I find the price as the disadvantage

  8. Loca_

    My friends asked me if I had had false extensions 🙂 I guess this tells a lot about the mascara 🙂

  9. Alizee27

    I suggest going for this mascara. One of the best mascaras I’ve ever had.

  10. Greyhund79

    for me this mascara wins hand down with other mascaras thanks to its deep balck and matt colour. I dont even want to mention the longevity becuase it extinguishes all mascaras Ive ever used. Currently im using my second tube and definately this isn’t the last one 🙂

    • Anniiee1992

      I totally agree! There are just indifferent residues left by other mascaras at the end of the day but this is not the case with Lashcode.

      • PoorMind

        I guess the most durable are waterproof mascaras…

  11. Twiggy

    Girls please tell me how about this counditioning substances, do they bring any effects out? im curious whether this product really works like a regular eyelash serum

    • sandCastle

      I noticed that since i apply the mascara, which is 3 weeks or so, i havent been losing so many lashes that i used to so probably it strenghtened my lashes

      • larger_than_life

        the same here 🙂

  12. Full Glass

    longevous, it defines eyelashes well, has strong colour but these features don’t make it an exceptional product. IMO it’s as good as many similar mascaras.


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