“Lunar skincare”. How to take care of your skin according to moon phases?

You have gone through manuals on how to take care of the skin, but you have not yet discovered the beauty routine that suits you? Let’s try lunar skincare, which is skincare where the main role is of moon phases. Perhaps that is the way that may turn out to be the perfect one for you!

Though it may sound unbelievable there are plenty of women who in their daily beauty rituals take into consideration moon phases. For some, it may sound irrational, while others place a lot of hope in the fact that matching the lunar phases can be a way to find the golden means in skincare. After all, it has been scientifically proven that moon phases have an impact on our organism. Why not try it?

No matter whether you believe it or not that the moon has an impact on the skin, “lunar skincare” is an option worth exploring. It won’t do any harm and may turn out to be the one thing that you were missing in your beauty routine – it can be the right rhythm for your skin.

Lunar skincare, which is…

What is “lunar skincare”? It is exactly what the name indicates – the skincare in which of greatest importance is matching the action with what actually happens with the moon because it has an impact on our skin condition.

The cycle of moon phases lasts about 29,5 days. It is made of eight key phases. It is worth knowing that in skincare only three phases are important, though those who are keen believers of “lunar skincare” have a beauty routine prepared for each one of them. Both deciding to meet all eight moon phases as well as just the three of them, you need to prepare treatments for each one of the phases taking into consideration the skin needs.

If you have acne skin, you need to focus on a bit different action than when it comes to couperose skin. Thanks to moon phases, however, you will know when to try at-home regenerative treatments and when to go see a professional beautician allow the skin to rest.

Obviously, you do not need to know everything right away and you shouldn’t flip your whole skincare upside down. However, you will need some details about how “lunar skincare” looks like.

Steps in skincare based on moon phases


When the moon starts to grow and turn from the crescent into the full moon, intense exfoliation and skin cleanse begins. It is the perfect moment to get rid of dead skin cells, e.g. with a home-made exfoliator. During this phase, you need to deliver vitamin D and magnesium because our sleep tends to worsen and we do not get enough of it so our skin looks fatigued. Revitalization is a way to help it. In this lunar phase, great are toning treatments – it is worth trying them at this moment because only then those can bring the desired effects.


When the moon enters the first quarter the sun falls only on half of it, so the intense regeneration process is approaching. Your skin is prepared for it due to earlier exfoliation and cleanse, so now all the nutrients responsible for repair can be absorbed easier. It is a good moment for slightly more invasive and painful treatments – the skin is slightly more resilient to pain and damage at this time because the entire organism is in slightly better condition. The treatments such as closing the blood vessels, waxing, or Chinese cupping glass are the perfect idea for the first quarter.


What is “lunar skincare” like when the aura of mystery of the full moon surrounds the world? To face this phase means puffiness, fatigue, increased sensitivity to pain, so you should choose the treatments that are not invasive and less painful. If you do not want to end up with irritations, you better quit deep regeneration and cleansing and turn more to relaxing rollers, oils, jade stones, but also skin icing and cold compress. It all helps skin relax but also introduces harmony – that includes a relaxing bath.

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