Summer with Boho Hair Style

Effortless, romantic and very feminine. That is what you can say about hair styles in boho style. Such hair are perfect for summer heat wave, fit every flowery dress and are great for picnic. How can you create boho hair style?

hair styleTypical boho hair style is performed on long hair, which were slightly layered at the ends. Hair should have light colour or highlights. The second option can be achieved at hairdresser’s with special colourisation. Right cut and colourisation can make hair light and delicate. Streaks should be wavy and a bit carelessly stylised. Be careful, though, not to create surfer’s hair style.

Boho hair style is the easiest to perform on slightly wavy and subjected to stylisation hair. If you have straight, smooth and low porosity hair, you have to prepare them first. Apply volume mousse or other preparation for hair stylisation. Do not use spray with sea salt. This product allows effect of a little tangled and ruffled hair. It also causes dryness of scalp and hair. Therefore, remember that boho hair style should be well taken care of and beautiful.

hair style 2What should you do to have wavy hair? There are several methods. Use thick and wide curling iron. Comb curled hair with your fingers in a way to a bit ruin the structure of curls. You can also tie still damp hair in a loose plait. When streaks will dry, loosen hair and comb them very gently. Another method for waves is to tie hair in small buns. Make a parting on the central part of head, starting at the forehead and finishing at the neck. Then divide created halves with another partings, which should run from the top of the head to ears. Twist hair towards the back of the head and dry them with blow dryer. That is how you gain boho waves; you can gently comb them with fingers.

Boho hair style is not only about loosen and wavy hair. Great are also plaits tied on temples, streaks picked from the bottom part of hair and French pleat. Boho hair style has to have some hair accessories. The best are wreaths with wild flowers, leather hand bands, beadings and feathers, which will create very romantic appearance.

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