Stop free radicals! Oxygenating cream Tokyo Lift Cream from Dr Irena Eris

Tokyo Lift Cream from Dr Irena Eris

Oxygenating and anti-radical Tokyo Lift Cream from Dr Irena Eris is destined for taking care of mature women’s skin above age of 35. Protecting skin from free radicals this wonderful cream also has the smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties. What is more, the cosmetic enhances and strengthens the protection layer of face skin to make it more efficient while contacting with external factors, for example, air pollution or other contaminants. Tokyo Lift Cream from Dr Irena Eris contains E vitamin, aim of which is to reduce tiny wrinkles, highlight small discolorations and make face look young, fresh and radiant. Moreover, another key ingredient of the cream is rice oil. This unobtrusive substance moisturizes, boosts blood circulation in dermis cells, firms and neutralizes free radicals. The cosmetic from Dr Irena Eris can be applied freely as a make up base. It is important to apply Tokyo Lift Cream in the morning, after the previous skin refreshment and after make up application. The last enumerated beneficial feature of the product is that it includes filter SPF 30 sunscreen.

Tokyo Lift Cream 2Free radicals? What are these?

Free radicals, simply called radicals, are atoms or molecules which comprise of unpaired valence electrons. These, in turn, are created as a result of the disintegration of chemical bonds among them. This process, is caused by UV radiation, X-ray radiation or even because of the exposure to the high temperatures. Free radicals, that formulate in a human organism as a result of respiration process, contribute to skin, cells and organs aging processes. For that very reason, we, as human beings, should introduce to the bodies antioxidants in a form of particular food products and cosmetics. Preventing from cancer and heart diseases antioxidants neutralize free radicals, and at the same time, delay aging processes of skin. Furthermore, antioxidants are present, for instance, in pepper, carrot, apple, lettuce, and obviously, in Tokyo Lift Cream from Dr Irena Eris.

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