How to get rid of fatigue and acne and nourish your skin with a few oils?

Acne, weakened hair, fatigue, stress, common cold – are you getting a separate product for each one of them? What would you say if you could use one thing to get rid of all? It’s an ability hold by essential oils. Do you want to know more? You can gain a lot thanks to them. You will nourish the hair, take care of nails, and regenerate them as well as refresh feet and the body.

Essential oils – what are those?

Essential oils (oleum aetherium, oleum aethereum) are esters of natural oils obtained from a special group of plants, so-called oilseed crops. Essential oils are usually obtained from plants in groups of pines, labiate, myrtaceae. It’s obtained using steam distillation of plants, their leaves and flowers, roots, and resin.

The most important quality of essential oils is obviously their composition. Each oil is the mix of various chemical compounds that are inimitable and unseen in other substances. Those components are ketones, aldehydes, alcohol, esters, lactones, turpentine, and numerous organic compounds.

We have enumerated them to show you how diverse and complex essential oils can be. The composition determines the action oil will have on skin and hair and due to its strong volatile scent, essential oils are also aromatherapeutic. Read on if you want to learn more about their properties and want to use them for your essential oil burner.

Essential oils properties

  • have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action – heal pimples
  • disinfect wounds (are antiseptic)
  • eliminate cellulite
  • calm tension and depression
  • help in the elimination of dandruff
  • flatten stretch marks
  • calm runny nose and the common cold
  • refresh, inhibit excess sweating

The best and most popular essential oils and their properties

Lavender oil – known best for its ability to calm nerves. When mixed with natural oil (argan, almond, or avocado) can also soothe various types of pain, including sore muscles post-training. You can also use lavender oil as a product for cellulite and stretch marks.

Lemon oil – used as a refreshing and disinfecting oil that also gives a boost of energy. Add it also to the cosmetics for acne, because it can inhibit blackheads and regulates sebum secretion. It’s a perfect cosmetic to add it to shampoo (oily and dandruff hair). Lemon oil has an antibacterial action and serves as a toner while preventing skin aging.

Eucalyptus oil – antiseptic oil that refreshes, eliminates spots and inflammations while being irreplaceable for the runny nose and nerves. It’s valued due to its disinfecting and cleansing action.

Pine oil – has a strong and aromatic scent that relaxes, calms, and refreshes. It’s great as an addition to feet and body bath. It’s most popular use is as a remedy for the infection of airways – calms symptoms of runny nose and cough. It boosts immunity.

Rose oil – it can calm burns caused by radioactive radiation and it’s an extremely rare quality among natural oils. What is more, it calms, relieves pain, is antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. At the same time, it smells just great and is a natural aphrodisiac.

Tea tree oil – it’s a beloved oil of all teenagers who deal with acne. This oil has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal action. It deeply cleanses the pores, refreshes, calms, and eliminates fungus responsible for the acne.

Essential oils – how to use them?

Essential oils can be safely used in three different ways:

  1. Locally to the skin (in the ointment, cream, gel), or (some) to the spot directly onto the skin change.
  2. Inhalation – inhaling the oils.
  3. For the aromatherapy (as a liquid to the essential oil burner).

It is not recommended to ingest the essential oils.

Essential marvels from your bathroom

Essential oils are great cosmetics! Depending on the action, you can combine them with natural oils, use them for massage or hair oil treatment (especially for falling out hair, with dandruff, or hair that does want to grow). You can also use them for stretch marks, spots, face masks with kaolin, and add it to hair rinse. Essential oils are great to refresh the entire body (in the form of a bath) and as an ingredient of oil mix for damaged nails.

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