Is Revitalash Better than Lash Extensions

Is Revitalash Better than Lash Extensions
You lashes are sparse and brittle? It does not have to be that way. There are many methods that can make your lashes long and lust. You have already tried false lashes and you are not a big fan of exaggerated, fake looking lashes?
You now have two options: to have your lash extensions done or to grow your lashes thick and long.

The most popular eyelash enhancer- Revitalash has paved the way to other lash serums. Revitalsh as the lash serum pioneer still charges its customers a high price for long lashes, whereas other enhancers such as Nanolash that has the same effectiveness and similar formula lowered the price so that more people can afford it. The result you are going to achieve with both enhancers are truly spectacular. After only eight weeks of daily use, lashes become dense and very long. Women love their new lashes and knowing that those are real is an amazing feeling.

Revitalash_headHow Do the Lash Serums Work?

The specially designed formula contains natural essential oils and it is packed with vitamins E and B. When you apply the product on the lash line instead on lashes themselves, the serum penetrates through the layer of the skin deep into the eyelash roots. It can then nourish them promoting the optimal growth.

Are Lash Extensions a Quicker Option?

Undoubtedly, we can achieve the same effect within 50 min. All you have to do it to call up the beauty salon make an appointment and then turn up. The qualified beautician will glue a false lash to your natural one within the blink of an eye. When it is done, your lashes will look very natural and full. It is not the permanent way of extending lashes and once you decide to have the lash extensions done you will have to visit the salon every three weeks for re-filling. This method sounds great, there is only one ‘but’. Your lashes need to carry extra weight and they are more likely to fall out quicker. Over a period, it may turn out that your lashes are even weaker and thinner than when you entered the beautician salon the first time.

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