Make yourself look like a surfer’s girl! Bumble and Bumble Surf collection

Perfect beachy waves – Surfer’s girl hairstyle

Avril Lavigne sings that she wants to be a girlfriend of a boy she has crush on. Probably, this song was composed to make him reciprocate the feelings. And what would you do if you fell in love with a surfer? Definitely, you have to make yourself looking as a girl who spends lots of her free time playing at the sea side. Start with your hair and do beachy waves. How to stylize hair like that? Reach for a volume boosting foam, apply it onto wet hair and separate it with a comb having widely arranged teeth. Next, blow-dry the hair using a dryer diffuser. Try to lift the hair at its base a little bit and at the end, spray hair with a cosmetic containing sea salt. Then, knead hair ends a little bit. Worth mentioning, beachy waves, also known as surfer’s girl hairstyle, will gain the additional charm when you have small roots. You can as well use some kind of lighteners which you can just rub into hair ends. One thing to remember, the most appealing look is achieved when the hair is only one or two tones lightened up.

Bumble and Bumble 4Surf collection by Bumble and Bumble

Certainly, surfer’s girl hairstyle has to receive proper care. Bumble and Bumble cosmetic brand has in its offer products that will help us fulfilling this task. You can give a try to a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair spray from Surf collection. All the components make hair style naturally and boost its volume. What is more, hair treated with products from Surf collection becomes nourished and moisturized. No surprisingly, scalp and hair are perfectly clean and any contaminants removed. However, the prime aim of Surf collection cosmetics is to stylize hair naturally, bringing out and fixing beachy waves along with its delicate curls. The shampoo, alike the conditioner and spray, includes marine ingredients such as sea fennel and mineral salts.

How to apply particular products of Surf collection by Bumble and Bumble? The shampoo has to be used as any other shampoo you use to wash your hair with. Distribute it onto your wet scalp and rub it against hair. The cosmetic has delicate consistency, therefore it does not causes any difficulties while rinsing. When it comes to the conditioner, it is destined to be applied on moist streaks of hair. After approximately two minutes you have to rinse the product and stylize your hair using a blow-dryer with a diffuser put on. At the end, you can apply the hair spray. Remember, the cosmetic has to be placed in approximately 12-inch distance from your head when applied.

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