Parsley, aloe, chamomile, and other homemade toners – the best among DIY

Homemade toner is perfect, plant-based care that works better than most drugstore products. Natural plant waters are easy to prepare, affordable, and leave you with instant relaxation and calming for the skin. Learn all about what you can gain thanks to DIY toners and which ones are the best.

Parsley face toner

Parsley face toner is the perfect product for skincare. It is gentle, moisturizes, slightly brightens, and refreshes the skin and contains the power of natural preservatives so it can last over a week in your fridge. How to do it? It’s simple! Chop parsley and pour coll water over it, set aside to the fridge for about 24 hours. The leaves will release the precious ingredients into the water and this way, you’ll get the toner that just needs to be drained through the sieve and poured in the bottle made with dark glass.

Aloe face toner

One of the best plant-based beautifying toners. Aloe is valued for its juice but also the pulp which is a colorless, jelly-like gel full of vitamins and minerals. Aloe toner will be infused with the same ingredients. How to make it? Add 20-30 ml of aloe juice into 50 ml of water. You can also use directly the juice straight from the aloe leaf or concentrated aloe extract. This toner perfectly heals minor wounds and pimples, however, it may cause irritation! The proportions should match the skin type and individual needs.

Mint face toner

Pour pre-boiled but cool water over chopped leaves of mint. Set aside to the cool place (it can be fridge) for 24 hours. Then drain it, pour it into a bottle with atomizer. Mint face toner will remain fresh for a few days. The mint aroma of the toner is perfect as a refreshment, particularly in the summer or in the morning. You should chop the leaves to be as fine as possible because if dipped in water as a whole, they will not release the aroma. Mint is known to perfectly refresh the skin, revitalize, and balance the pH.

Lemon face toner

Lemon water for the skincare is the simplest toner in the world. Pre-boiled water mix with lemon juice and wipe your skin with it twice a day. Store the toner in your fridge. This toner is able to perfectly brighten, refresh, and tighten the skin.

Chamomile, basswood, and other herbs brew

It is easy to prepare it, just boil dried chamomile or basswood, cool it down, drain it, and wipe your skin with it. Try calming chamomile that also brightens the skin along with basswood leaves brew which is perfect for dry skin due to a large number of moisturizing ingredients. You can also brew sage for oily skin, lavender for healing and rejuvenation, calendula to calm, heal, and brighten the skin. You can use literally any brew as a toner. The perfect anti-aging and anti-pollution treatment is provided by white tea brew.


Keep every toner in the fridge because it will then not only remain fresh for longer but will also improve epidermis blood supply, refresh, and improve skin appearance. The cool liquid can also eliminate puffiness under the eyes and improve the lymph flow.

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