Smokey eye make-up for hot summer days? Now it’s possible

So far smokey-eye make-up has been reserved for nights out. Dark colours and firmly underlined eyes were reserved for special occasions only. It also took a lot of time and precision to make it. This summer make-up artists are going to break with the stereotypes. Gloomy? No! Time-consuming? Never! Read about this summer’s lattest trend.

Smoked with colour

Forget about dark lines on your eyelids. This summer the colour trends are all the rage. Make friends with green, navy blue, brown and grey colours. A fat pencil will be perfect for the summer smokey eye make-up, that can be done with just one hand movement. Have you got a good and long-lasting eyeshadow? Put it with your finger on the upper eyelid to create a colourful accent just behind the eyelashes.

Blue-and-Silver-Smokey-Eye-Inspired-MakeupAnd the eyelashes?

If you have dark hair and eyelashes you could put on the gel lash conditioner only. This way your lashes will be protected agianst sunrays. If you are a blonde -haired use a delicate, finely curling mascara so that you won’t look unnatural. But remember that despite the brave, dark colours the natural look is on this year.

And do not forget about the eyebrows

They should be plucked-out and made slightly visible with the use of shadow or eyebrow pencil. You should also take care of your eyebrows using some conditioner. This summer henna and brave strong accents are out. Your eyebrows should be harmonius with the delicate and subtle look of eyelashes and make-up. So the matt, long-lasting eye shadow, which you can put on with an applicator or a cotton bud, will be a good solution.

Line after line but what goes before?

Before putting on your eyelid your favourite colour, it’s worth putting a delicate eyeshadow under the eyebrow ridge and on the eyelid. It’s also not a bad idea to put an eyeshadow primer that will give it a specific and natural colour and will make your colourful, smoky line last longer.

What about the lipsick ?

No more lipsticks. Hide them deep into your toiletbag and take them out in the fall. Natural lips, with a delicate lipgloss or good quality lip balm (with UV filter) on are very trendy in the summer 2016.

Do not spend your money on good cover foundations. A transparent powder or BB cream will be ideal as it beautifies and cares for our skin without the mask effect.

Is that really all?

Yes indeed. Take your towel, make-up your eyes and go to the beach.

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