Peel-Off face masks from Pat&Rub – relieving, moisturizing and refreshing

What are peel off face masks?

As everybody knows, there are plenty of face masks available on the market. One of the most popular are peel off face masks. Generally, these have got the same properties like the ordinary face masks. For example, these are able to purify, nourish and regenerate complexion. Nevertheless, these differ from the widely-used, typical face masks with both the form and application. With regard to this, peel off face masks are of gel consistency. What is more, as soon as these dry off and get solidified after the application, the transparent structure is created on the face. What is quite important, this kind of face mask is not to be rinsed or treated with a toner. It needs to be detached from face either as a whole or in a pieces. Along with the mask, all impurities, located in skin pores, are removed. Finally, peel off masks neither make our hands dirty nor requires wasting great amounts of water.

facemaskPeel-Off face mask from Pat&Rub

Pat&Rub gives us the freedom to choose from two kinds of peel off masks. The first one, moisturizing & refreshing peel off mask, and the second, relieving & moisturizing one. The great news is, it is possible to buy both mask as a set. Having powdery-like consistency, obviously, we have to mix the masks at home before the usage. How to do it? You have to mix the powder with 90 ml of water of temperature around 20°C. Stir, until you get not so dense mass. The thick layer of the mask should be evenly spread over the face, neck and cleavage. After 15 minutes you can detach the mask from your face.

The moisturizing & refreshing peel off mask is recommended for people having couperose, dry and sensitive skin. It contains diatomaceous earth, menthol, A, C and E vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and fatty acids. What is more, this mask is of cryogenic properties. In other words, this cosmetic boosts blood circulation and is of cooling features.

When it comes to the relieving & moisturizing peel off mask, it is destined for people having sensitive or dry skin with irritations and redness. Furthermore, it comprises of rice powder, sodium alginate and, similarly to the first mask, diatomaceous earth.

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