Secrets of hair styling gadgets. How to use a diffuser?

Curly hair requires a slightly different method of treating than straight hair. Waves and curls have the tendency to get frizzy, as they are prone to dehydration. To eliminate the problem of fluffed-up strands, the curls have to be defined thanks to special cosmetics and applying appropriate techniques of styling. One of the greatest ally of waves and curls is a hair dryer diffuser. How to use this item in an effective way?

Improper way of using a diffuser may produce a result that is completely contrary to the intended. To clarify, instead of beautiful curls, all we might obtain is an effect of broken, wrinkled and unaesthetic hair which does not want to set well. Indeed, it is easy to make a mistake. Therefore, keep reading the article to learn how to avoid making your hairdo look as if you had just gotten up from bed.

difuserBefore taking a hair dryer with diffuser to your hands, it is crucial to prepare hair for the procedure. Firstly, strands must not be too wet. They have to get the opportunity to become slightly air-dried. Then, apply a cosmetic that is designed for defining curls. One of the top products for helping hair gets curly is Styling Gel (of oil consistency) by L’Oreal Proffessionel called Scruff Me from Wild Stylers collection (150 ml). The second top rated lotion is green Goldwell StyleSign Curl Twist Around (150 ml). Do not comb hair after applying any of curl defining products. When hair is coated with a cosmetic, you can proceed with blow drying.

It must be realized that dividing hair into sections is immensely helpful. In fact the sections do not have to be small. To demonstrate, four or six sections are completely enough when it comes to very long hair. Strands that are thin and without volume can be divided into three or four parts only. Why sectioning is so crucial? Because when using a diffuser, hair has to be dried up in sections instead of blow drying all at once. This enables producing the looked-for effect of naturally curled hair.

Another crucial thing to mention, hair has to be blow dried either with head down or tilded sideways to make the strands get into diffuser freely. Now, turn on the hair dryer and set the lowest speed and medium heat setting. Put the device to the head, and use delicate, slow and small circular motions. Slowly, take the hair dryer out and start the same procedure with another section of hair. It is important to use only gentle motions to do not tangle hair and create naturall looking curls.

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