The best treatments combating hair loss

Sometimes it is just a short episode in the life of our hair.
It also may depend on a season or the medications being taken, so the problem vanishes with time.
However, it sometimes happens that excessive hair loss problem comes out of nowhere and we, being terrified, start realizing that we don’t only lose hair but also the control over what happens to the strands. In most cases, the cause of hair thinning is improper and non-sufficient care: it’s a sign that hair requires something more. What? Find out which hair treatments effectively slow down excessive hair loss.

Herbal hair washes & scalp lotions

Hair washes and scalp lotions share a very precious feature. Namely, they can be applied directly to the scalp, not only to the hair. Thanks to this, they are able to take care of scalp as well as regenerate growing strands and hair bulbs. Moreover, herbal hair washes and scalp lotions’ task is mainly to cleanse scalp, balance sebum production and create good environment for hair to grow long. Herbs known for reinforcing hair are, for example, nettle, horsetail as well as Hindu plants such as brahmi or bringraj.

Hair oiling treatment & hair oils

Natural, cold-pressed oil provides hair with all it needs and what can’t be found in other substances. Namely, natural oils are the diversity of essential fatty acids and, apart from that, they are able to penetrate through hair shaft and hair bulbs without problems. In general, natural oils reinforce hair inner structures and protect hair outer layers. It’s worth finding out which hair oil is the best for a particular hair type, and which one is suitable for being applied to scalp (in the form of a hair mask).

Spicy hair treatment: chilli pepper, ginger, pepper

Undoubtedly, hair likes being treated in a delicate way. Scalp likes being given delicate massage. Therefore, you shouldn’t pull out, jerk nor tug hair because this weakens hair bulbs significantly. However, hair has its second, more ‘naughty’ nature. To clarify, in order to reinforce hair bulbs and encourage their regeneration, they need to be exposed to something which stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Therefore, shampoos and scalp lotions sometimes feature hot spices which help hair bulbs become better rooted in follicles and stop falling out.

Regardless of the type of a hair treatment you choose, it’s worth remembering to go for the most natural one possible. Synthetic pharmaceuticals (e.g. ampules) can cause irritations (with time) and act comedogenic. As a consequence, it is highly possible for excessive hair loss problem to recur.

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